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A Little Bit Country, and a Little Bit Rock 'n Roll

Charming villages
Cool street art

Dear Friend,

I’m a little bit country. I’m a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. Not because I was raised on the Osmonds but because when I travel, I like to have it all.

It’s tempting to divide destinations into country and city, old and new world. But often you don’t need to choose. You can enjoy quiet rural charms and still access vibrant, bustling cities.

Alsace is one such region, with Untours cottages in quaint villages on the wine route, surrounded by vineyards and mountains. Strasbourg and Basel are nearby, both with deep history and striking modernity. Think universities, Art Basel and the EU. (See my two takes on Alsace above, photos of charming Riquewihr and of street art in Strasbourg. Read my love letter to Strasbourg below.)

The Amalfi Coast offers cliffs and beaches, grottos and islands and mountain hiking set in the tropical foliage and citrus groves of the southern Italian coast. But not far away, Naples throbs.

Nafplio is a surprisingly chic little city on the Greek Peloponnese, chock-a-block with cool restaurants and sophisticated bars that cater to Athenian weekenders. In the other direction, find endless olive groves, beaches and remote ruins. Read more below.

Our homebase in Scotland grants access to historical castles and lovely glens and lochs of the highlands. But it’s also near Glasgow, an eccentric high-rise city laced with Macintosh architecture and brimming with contemporary art and energy.

The Salzburg Untour has mountain hikes and Alpine views to accompany the high culture and music of cosmopolitan Salzburg. Of course the soundtrack there is Mozart, but you get the idea.

Rock on,
Andrea Szyper
Communications Director

Swiss apartment

Strasbourg (Alsace Untour)
Near the sloping vineyards of Alsace, Strasbourg is a compelling city, rich in history and alive with the energy of its international institutions. Join us for a photo tour of town.

Stroll Strasbourg
Sunflowers of Tuscany

Salzburg (Austria Untour)
In the shadow of the Alps, Salzburg offers a wealth of museums, gardens, palaces and music landmarks. Here are our 9 favorite sights in Salzburg.

See Salzburg
Markets of Provence

Nafplio (Greece Untour)
It's hard to imagine a more welcoming city than Nafplio, with a palm-lined coast and quaint old town filled with cafes and squares. Meet the Greece Untour's homebase.

Escape to Nafplio
Untours Foundation

Lancaster?! (Untours Foundation)
Lancaster is not only a lush green county full of family farms. It's also a city with poverty and challenges. Meet a food company that is sourcing local and creating jobs there.

Meet Lancaster Food Co.
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