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Going to Town: The Sights & Scenes That Stimulate

Going to town for coffee

Dear Friend,

I love the expression “going to town.”

Growing up, my family used it liberally: “You’re really going to town on that burrito” or “You’re going to town on that project.” It meant approaching a task or topic or book with passion and keen interest, unmoderated appetite or energy. Giving it your all.

In adulthood I understood the origin of the expression as I found stimulation in the streets and coffee houses of Philadelphia and other cities. Going to town became a way of living, a level of engagement that transcended place.

This month we’re going to town! Read about all the things that we love in some of our Untours towns and cities, like the museums in Leiden, the cafe culture of Paris, or the historic sights of Edinburgh. I hope these articles stimulate and inspire you.

Of course you don’t need a passport to go to town. You just need the hunger!


Edinburgh, the Old Town
This city is unlike any other, with its dramatic topography, rich history, and fascinating sights. Lose yourself in some of our favorite spots.

Castles & Cathedrals

Dutch Museumscape
From pilgrims to flowers, dinosaurs to art, there is a museum for it in Leiden, where you can indulge whatever passions you hold dear.


Cafe life of Saint Germain
Immerse yourself in a conversation or good book. Join a perennial scene of bohemians who spend hours in the stimulation of the cafe.

Cafe Culture
Untours Foundation

Farm to City
The Untours Foundation invests their all, supporting urban endeavors and rural projects that help feed people and local economies.

Urban & Rural Renewal
Wine and Food
Vienna Uncovered
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