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Dear Friend,

Since the UK appointed a Minister of Loneliness, there has been much talk about the importance of friendship and connection, and the cost to individuals and societies when people are isolated. We all want to belong, to matter to someone else. We all want to connect.

At Untours we have always valued community, from the threads on our old school listserv Idyllchat to the trip logs and photos shared on our Untours Cafe. And of course social media has redefined our sense of community too.

We want to be your friends IRL (In Real Life). As the Facebook landscape shifts, we are re-evaluating our own approach to social media. We're working to connect with you in meaningful ways, and to connect you to each other.

As I cleaned up from the party we threw for my son's First Communion the other evening, I happily buzzed about the kitchen listening to the lively conversations that carried on in the adjacent room, so happy to create the space for these memorable discussions.

I feel that way about our various Untours social platforms too. There is no substitute for face to face interaction, but I do believe online community can connect people across place and experience and foster very meaningful relationships. I love that Untours can host these discussions.

I urge you to join our community and to chime into our conversations!


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