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Avignon, Provence, France

Dear Friend,

Greetings from France. I've been traveling in Europe since November 7. I wrote and prepared the November Eurozine before I left for Europe, in the ambiguity of late October.

Since then much has changed and the message I drafted then seems off key. So I will rewrite it from the road, and from the heart.

Being in Scotland for the election was interesting. Of all the people of Europe, they could most identify with the shock of it, having just lived their own. Brexit was deeply personal to some Scots, as so many had voted to remain part of the U.K.

Tea and sympathy in Scotland. Wine and warmth in France. People want to talk about our election, to understand it. There is an open-heartedness in their questions and an eagerness to listen and understand. It is a good and important time to be traveling.

Europeans watch our process and acknowledge the discord in their own political systems. Nothing happens in a vacuum. We all understand the US will endure its division. Our great nation will move forward, and our friends in Europe will cheer us on, watching with friendly concern, not anger or judgement.

For our part, we will keep traveling, ambassadors for all that is good about America.

I hope the holidays are a time of warmth and comfort for you.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Andrea Szyper
Communications Director


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