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In travel, people are the best solution!

Ask a local in Europe

Dear Friend,

I feel a silly sort of pride when I stump spellcheck. I am smarter than the machines!

It is easy to overestimate the power of those devices in our palms. To glance down instead of looking up at the world. Yes, there is an app for that. But you could ask the person next to you. She is surely more charming than Siri.

In many cases, people offer the best solutions. By not asking a human, you miss out, especially when you travel! GPS might get you there, but it won't recommend a picnic spot on the way or proudly send you to its brother-in-law's farm stand.

Our European staff people are our biggest strength: practical problem solvers with deep knowledge, warmth, and the personal touch that has launched many memorable adventures.

In this issue we visit some of our favorite people in Europe, follow a friend's advice for castle hopping with grandkids, and meet a brilliant woman who has solved a basic problem for breast cancer survivors like herself.

The world is full of fascinating people. Ask anyone!

Happy travels,
Andrea Szyper
Communications Director

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See Anne's Provence
Provence has a poetry that is hard to grasp, but our Untours staffer Anne has the ear for it. She's in love with its landscape, gastronomy and small towns. Read why.

Why Provence?

Castle hop with Janet and her grandkids
We have just added Scotland to our list of KIDS STAY FREE destinations. Castle hop in Scotland with Untourist Janet Dieman and her grandsons.

Castle hop
Paris Untour

Let Alena show you Prague
You never really know a city until a local shows you around. Alena is a native and has headed our Prague Untour for two decades. Join her in beautiful Prague.

Prague with a native

Hear Dana's solution
While recovering from breast cancer and a double mastectomy, Dana Donofree noticed the lack of suitable bras for her needs. Read about her elegant solution.

Meet AnaOno
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Photos: top by Untourist C.W. Lartigue, castle hopping courtesy of Janet Dieman, Dana of AnaOno photographed by Frances Schwabenland for the Untours Foundation. Having trouble viewing this email? Click here


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