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What Did You Do on Your Vacation?

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Dear Friend,

"What I did for my summer vacation…"

While school kids across the country are writing their accounts in lined notebooks, we put the question to you: What did you do on your summer vacation?

We really want to know. Did you take an Untour? Where to? Was it fun? Got pictures? We crave your feedback and love to hear your reports, your impressions, your detailed reviews and your eloquent cultural observations! It is why we are here, and why we do what we do.

How did it end? After months of helping you plan, we genuinely want to know. We care about outcomes.

Many of you travel in spring and fall, blissfully unbound by school schedules. If you are fresh back, home for months, or getting ready to take off, know that we want to hear all about your travels.

Here’s what some of you were doing for vacation, in this or previous seasons. Take a look!

Happy travels,

Andrea Szyper
Communications Director


Al in Venice
Steal a peak at Al's gorgeous regatta photos and read his impressions of the Rialto and the challenges and beauty of the maze.

Visit Venice
Golden line

Brian in Scotland
Read Brian's lessons from the Whisky Trail in Scotland and get a preview of what is coming up for 2018.

Preview 2018
Tunnel Vison

Jerry in Provence
Join Jerry for a little armchair travel through Provence, as he captures the colors and flavors of the region in gorgeous photos!

Cruise Provence
Untours Foundation

Elizabeth in London
Read about Elizabeth's birthday trip, when she moved beyond London's majestic first impressions to discover a real and vital city,

Explore London

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