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Welcome to IdyllChat!

What is IdyllChat?

IdyllChat, a throwback to our original name, Idyll, Ltd., is an email-based discussion group. Once you subscribe, postings from other members automatically come to your email box. The conversations are entirely free of charge and you can unsubscribe at any time. IdyllChat is all about the Untour experience. It's a great way to exchange information with other experienced travelers!

Gather tips for your next trip – learn about special expeditions, restaurants and sights to see while on your upcoming Untour. Share your tips with others - what made your Untour a special experience?

How does it work?

IdyllChat members participate in discussions by email. Simply put: when you send a message, each member of the group gets a copy. Members may, if they wish, respond to your message. Whether you post messages yourself or not, you will receive all messages from other members, so you can enjoy reading the topics at hand - you don't have to be an active part of the conversation. Think of it as a group discussion over the internet, in which you choose to speak or not to speak. It's free! Try it for a week or two and see if you find it helpful. We bet you will.

Note: This is a privately archived email list. Access is limited to subscribers. Subscribe here!


General Etiquette

Those new to Idyllchat are encouraged to monitor the messages for a few days to get a feel for what the general topics of conversation are. Look over Idyllchat archives if you want to be even more familiar with the range of topics over time (found here). When you feel comfortable with the group, then start posting. A good ground rule regarding whether your post is useful is to ask yourself if it would add to the general knowledge of the group.

Message content

Focus on one subject per message. If you want to cover two different topics, send two different postings with appropriate subject lines for each.

Editing your reply messages

When quoting another person, it is a courtesy (not a rule) to edit out whatever isn't directly applicable to your reply. People who have very full email boxes will appreciate it if you take the time to edit any quotations down to the minimum necessary to provide context for your reply.


Do NOT write in all caps. This is considered shouting. Use caps only to show emotions, like SURPRISE or to add emphasis to what you are saying.

Questions that have been covered

Be tolerant of questions you have heard before. We invite new members onto Idyllchat all the time; they will not always be aware of a discussion held earlier. Either answering the question directly or referring them to where they may find answers to their questions (in on-site guides, trip logs, Idyllchat archives, other websites) are good options.


Expressing opposing points of view can be done with consideration for the feelings of others. If you are upset and want to respond to a controversial posting, a good suggestion is to wait a day before sending your response.

Subject Lines

To help other members screen out messages that may not be on topics of interest to them, always include a pertinent subject title or a 'content-rich' subject line. Doing this helps everyone users can locate specific messages quickly; people can pick and choose which messages they want to read. If you change the subject when replying to an earlier message, change your subject line, or divide your reply into two messages.

Tone of voice

Be careful in your use of humor and especially sarcasm in your communication. E-mail is not face-to-face and it is quite easy for someone to interpret your message in a way other than you intended.

Short messages

Limit one-line responses ("me, too", "I agree"). Again, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself "Does my response add substantively to the discussion?". If it doesn’t, but you would like to express your appreciation, send your positive feedback to the individual member, not the whole list. (You do this by finding their email address, listed in the FROM part of the posting. Use this as your address line to an individual member, rather than idyllchat@lists.untours.com) That being said, if you think a brief comment adds to the discussion, short messages are also perfectly welcome.

Appropriate Language

Use of profanity or derogatory comments is not appropriate. In addition, avoid personal criticism. Whether or not such observations are warranted, research on online communities has shown that a critical tone in postings intimidates other members and discourages participation. We want Idyllchat to be a welcoming kind of community.

Technical Guidelines

Idyllchat welcomes members with all ranges of technical expertise. Please feel free to participate even if you are brand new to email and computers in general. Technical advice from other members is just that, advice. That being said, technical advice is often very useful in this electronic medium to which most of us are so new. On this list in particular, we ask you to have patience with each other. Everyone was a network ‘newbie’ once. Minor errors need not be corrected. If you think a technical correction is warranted, send a courteous correction to the person via private email. Technical advice that you think is useful to everyone is greatly appreciated. Do remember that as newcomers join, they will continue to vary in their "techno-expertise" yet they may offer many valuable contributions.

Copyrighted materials

It is important to be aware of copyright issues on the Internet. Members should not post copyrighted information to the list (e.g., a travel article published in a magazine). Please note that email messages, like written letters, are considered copyrighted by the author of the message. Therefore, it is inappropriate to forward another person's email message to the list without permission from that person. It is perfectly acceptable to quote briefly from copyrighted material and provide a hyper link reference as to where others may read more.


It is helpful and courteous to "sign" your message or to include your signature with every message. Some email programs do this automatically; others will need to type it in their post each time. Since these messages are archived on the Internet, many participants choose not to use their last names in their signatures to avoid coming up on a Google search.

Postings to individual members

To post a message to the entire list, send the message to idyllchat@lists.untours.com. If you want to send a reply to an individual list member only, remember to change the address in the "To" field of your outgoing message to that individual member’s email address, rather than posting to idyllchat.com as a whole.

Technical questions posted to the entire group

Occasionally subscribers to the list who are not familiar with proper netiquette will submit requests to SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE directly to the list itself. Be tolerant of this activity, and possibly provide useful advice to the person via private email, as opposed to being critical.

Requests regarding administrative tasks

When you would like to make technical changes to your membership, e.g. be added or subtracted, or change your email, temporarily disconnect from Idyllchat, you can do that yourself by clicking on one of the links at the top of every IdyllChat posting. Please do not post these technical requests to the general list. Try making the changes using our website. If you have technical problems making the changes yourself, we will be happy to do them for you, and you can send such requests TO nick.fortunatus@untours.com, SUBJECT Idyllchat Administrative Request.


You should not post attachments to Idyllchat because many list members may not be interested in the attachment, it is discourteous to require them to spend downloading time and disk space (some members may be paying for time and disk space) for a document they don't want to read. Some email systems are unable to handle large attachments. Also, many list members are concerned about viruses that may accompany an attachment. Links (hypertext/ web addresses/URLs) are not attachments. It is often quite useful to include relevant links to web sites in your posting.