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This comfortable two-bedroom apartment is located in a 17th century building on a small street in the heart of central Porto. The building has been tastefully renovated with respect for its history, but with concessions to modern tastes. Exposed granite walls are seen throughout. From a private balcony, you can see an interior courtyard where the centuries of structural renovation are on full view.

The apartment itself is modern and consists of two double bedrooms, a modern bathroom with shower, a small kitchenette, and a living room/dining room area. The bathroom has two doors. One from the master bedroom and the other from the living room. The courtyard balcony has seating for two persons. The living room has a TV and sofa suitable for only two persons. The apartment has WiFi.

Much of Porto with its many sights and monuments is within an easy walk from this apartment. The San Bento train station is just a 10 minute walk. Grocery stores, bakeries, and restaurants are all close at hand. There’s even a Marionette Museum just down the street.

Occupancy: This property sleeps 1-4 people. | Disclaimer | Print Page

Property Details


2 bedrooms with queen beds


1 bathroom with shower (access from master bedroom and from living room)


Modern kitchenette with microwave, 2-burner range. No oven.


No washing machine. Self-service laundromats nearby. Drying rack available on request.


3rd floor


37 steps to 3rd floor


Bus stop 5 minutes away. Train station 10 minutes away. Uber available. No dedicated parking.


No washing machine. Limited kitchenette (no oven).


Balcony over courtyard


WiFi, Balcony

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What's included with the Portugal - Porto Untour?

  • One or two weeks in a private apartment in the city center
  • Suggestions for booking your international flight from the U.S. to Porto, or we can purchase tickets on your behalf. (Click for more information on Untours' air policies.)
  • Airport transfer assistance.
  • A local transit pass that also offers free and reduced admission to Porto attractions.
  • A 3-day Portugal rail pass for one-weekers; a 6-day Portugal rail pass for 2-weekers.
  • An orientation session with local staff to help you make the most of your time.
  • A cultural event that gives you local insight into the culture.
  • A stash of groceries upon your arrival, so you don’t need to shop right away.
  • Pre-trip planning advice from our staff, available by phone or email right up until you leave.
  • Ongoing support with our local representative. Help available when you need it.

Landlord or Host for Marionette 5, Porto, Portugal - Porto

The owners of this apartment are a young English-speaking couple, Pedro and Laura. They are in the building most days and are available by phone if needed.

Porto, Portugal - Porto, Home of Marionette 5

Central Porto stretches from the lovely Douro River waterfront up to the the Baroque Clerigos Tower that dominates the city’s skyline. It is not a flat city, so prepare for some ups and downs.

Porto is mostly compact with its main tourist attractions. Most can be reached within a 30 minute walk of the center. An exception to this is the port wine cellars of Gaia which lie across the river, easily accessible by bus.

Shops and restaurants are plentiful in Central Porto. There are several grocery stores in the center. Our favorite areas for strolling are the Rua das Flores, a lively pedestrian street below the main rail station and the Douro waterfront with its pubs, restaurants, and stunning views.

The Sao Bento railway station, in addition to being one of the most beautiful stations you’ll ever see, has service to points throughout Portugal. There are many easy day trips that can be taken by rail from Porto, including Guimarães, Braga, Coimbra, Regua (on the Douro), and Coimbra.

Customer comments about Marionette 5, Porto, Portugal - Porto

"It seemed much more a tourist hotel/apartment than a local apartment, but perhaps that is the problem with Porto's popularity. The building was interesting, and the staff that serviced the apartment was very good. The kitchen (and kitchen equipment) certainly did not encourage any cooking." Anonymous (10/2019)

"The location was great for seeing the city. As advertised, the kitchen was minimal with poor lighting, but with the great food in Porto we only did breakfast and snacks in the apartment. The only coffee maker was a small stovetop percolator. There was noise from the restaurant on the first floor. The apartment manager was very friendly and helpful when she was in the building. The hot water was heated by solar, but there was plenty of it - just had to wait a bit for it to reach the faucets. Cleaning staff came in every 2 days with clean towels and to empty trash." Ann Mazeau (9/2019)

"We really enjoyed Porto. The apartment was near the center of the city and we were able to walk to most places. We also found the metro easy to use. The apartment manager was very helpful, showing us where we were on a map and showing us things we might enjoy seeing. The apartment was comfortable and spacious." Louise Smith

"Spacious and clean. They need to make sure they explain how the hot water system works." Mary Lou Grabowski

Ratings for Marionette 5, Porto, Portugal - Porto

Modern Kitchen (oven, microwave, dishwasher, stovetop, modern ambience)63
Television (none, TV w/o cable, TV w/cable)22
Attractiveness (décor, charm, windowboxes, antiques)66
Bathroom (attractive, functional)55
Furniture Comfort (comfortable chairs, etc.)44
Outdoor amenties: Patio, Balcony, Swimming pool22
Laundry facilities: (yes, limited, no)30
Sleeping facilities comfort55

Apartment Host Experience (positive experience)43
Charm, Flavor, Sense of Place: the apartment and immediate surroundings108
Charm, Flavor, Sense of Place: the neighborhood (if it is in a city or larger town) or the village (if it is in a country/rural Untour)108
Distance to Transportation/Major Roads108
Shopping (access to everyday supplies)65
Well-Situated To See The Region or City1010

An Explanation of the Ratings:

These ratings come from a combination of customer reviews and the reports of Untours staff who have seen the apartments and/or followed reports from customers over the years.

These ratings give a sense of how most people feel, but your tastes and requirements may vary. If you have any questions about this apartment, please call us at 1-888-868-6871. You can talk to someone who has seen the accommodation.

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