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This is a comfortable two bedroom apartment, tucked into a quiet residential section of one of Rome's most charming neighborhoods, Trastevere. The apartment puts all of the neighborhood's best restaurants and cafes within an easy 10 minute walk, but it is on the quiet side of the area, with easy access to the tram to take you over into the Centro Storico, the historic center of Rome.

The apartment is on the second floor of a typical apartment building and is nicely and comfortably decorated. The living and dining rooms are combined, with kitchen in a separate room. The living area is made up with two sofas and plenty of throw pillows so as to be cozy in the evenings. There is a fireplace as well, a lovely focal point in the living area. The large dining table can seat up to 6. The kitchen is full including a microwave and dishwasher.

There are two bedrooms, one with an Italian queen the other with two twins. There are also two baths, one with tub and shower attachment the other with a shower stall.

This vacation rental apartment has a TV, air conditioning and high speed internet.

Occupancy: This property sleeps 1-4 people. | Disclaimer | Print Page

Property Details


Two bedrooms, one with an Italian queen, one with 2 twins.


Two bathrooms, one with shower stall, one with tub and hand-held shower attachment


Full kitchen


Washing machine


2nd floor


2nd floor


5-minute walk to the 8 Tram


None that we can think of.


WiFi, TV (no cable), washing machine, dishwasher


WiFi, TV (no cable), washing machine, dishwasher

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What's included with the Italy - Rome Untour?

  • One or two weeks in a personally selected, centrally located apartment.
  • Suggestions for booking your international flight from the U.S. to Rome, or we can purchase tickets on your behalf. (Click for more information on Untours' air policies.)
  • Transfer by private driver from the Rome airport (or rail station) to your new Untours home, and transport back to the airport or rail station on your departure.
  • A transit pass good for unlimited rides on Rome’s extensive system of buses, trams, and metro.
  • An orientation with our on-site staff. This will cover using the public transit system and practical advice for sightseeing, tours, and reservations.
  • Local maps and literature, plus our own Untouring Rome guidebook, researched and written by Untours staff, full of the best restaurants, sights, and other suggestions.
  • A local cultural activity, such as a tour of a historical site like the Castel Sant'Angelo.
  • A stash of groceries upon your arrival, so you don’t need to dash off to shop right away.
  • Pre-trip planning advice from our staff, available by phone or email right up until you leave.
  • Ongoing support with our local representative. Help available when you need it.

Landlord or Host for Trastevere 2, Trastevere, Italy - Rome

Like most of our Rome apartments, the Trastevere 2 apartment is managed by a local apartment representative with whom you can speak during business hours. Our Rome Untours staff person is always available by cell phone if guests have problems or concerns.

Trastevere, Italy - Rome, Home of Trastevere 2

Trastevere is a charming, lively neighborhood just across the Tiber River from the historic center of town. Many of its crooked, narrow streets are limited to traffic, so strolling in this neighborhood of old houses and churches and cafes is a delight. The area is popular with artists and has some of the city's best little restaurants.

And crossing the pedestrian Ponte Sisto bridge, the Campo dei Fiori is just a 15-minute walk away. You can reach Piazza Navona and other sights in the Centro Storico by foot.

Customer comments about Trastevere 2, Trastevere, Italy - Rome

"I felt like I was part of a small town in a big city. Trastevere could not have been a more charming part of Rome - Real "Old-World" atmosphere-Loved it!" Todd Julius

Ratings for Trastevere 2, Trastevere, Italy - Rome

Modern Kitchen (oven, microwave, dishwasher, stovetop, modern ambience)76
Phone (yes, limited, no)11
Television (none, TV w/o cable, TV w/cable)11
Attractiveness (décor, charm, windowboxes, antiques)87
Bathroom (attractive, functional)33
Furniture Comfort (comfortable chairs, etc.)77
Screened windows10
Outdoor amenties: Patio, Balcony, Swimming pool30
Laundry facilities: (yes, limited, no)11
Sleeping facilities comfort44

Apartment Host Experience (positive experience)53
Charm, Flavor, Sense of Place: the apartment and immediate surroundings87
Charm, Flavor, Sense of Place: the neighborhood (if it is in a city or larger town) or the village (if it is in a country/rural Untour)87
Distance to Transportation/Major Roads75
Shopping (access to everyday supplies)75
Well-Situated To See The Region or City1512

An Explanation of the Ratings:

These ratings come from a combination of customer reviews and the reports of Untours staff who have seen the apartments and/or followed reports from customers over the years.

These ratings give a sense of how most people feel, but your tastes and requirements may vary. If you have any questions about this apartment, please call us at 1-888-868-6871. You can talk to someone who has seen the accommodation.

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Ciao, bellissimi! I've been to Italy about 20 times, speak Italian fluently, and I'm often mistaken for a native while I'm there.
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