UnTours European Vacation Rentals - Sue Baker
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Sue Baker

Specialist - Italy, Austria, Germany, Eastern Europe, and Greece Untours
I've been to 18 of our locations while working at Untours, and I love them all.

I've worked on the Italian team for the bulk of my Untours career. And I have been studying the Italian language for just as long, sometimes getting pronunciation help from my Italian-born father. It's my great pleasure to spend hours looking at maps and guidebooks of Italy and planning for the future of Italian Untours. Every destination in Italy offers something unique, and whether the emphasis is on art history or wine making, you can always be sure the food will be wonderful. My personal search is to find the same unique ravioli filling that my Italian aunts made.

In the last few years, I've also worked on what we in the office call the "Bohemian" Untours in Germany, Austria, and Central Europe. A recent trip to Prague and then Germany brought back memories, and even a little vocabulary, from living in Frankfurt for a year as a newlywed in 1970. Our old slides have pictures of the same Rhine and Bavarian towns that are now Untour destinations! I also researched the Greek Untour, ferreting out the perfect little hometown of Nafplio. And I have learned about our Untours in France and Spain and I enjoyed my recent trip to France. You could call me a cross trainer.

A love of travel trumped my love of teaching when I changed careers and joined Untours after 26 years as a Montessori school teacher. Not everyone gets to have two careers in life that never get boring! I never tire of talking to Untourists. You are all so motivational in your fearless pursuit of travel and lifelong learning, some of you into your 9th decade - now that's inspiring!

One of my hobbies outside travel is studying health and wellness, and I enjoy yoga and bicycling. On most weekends I spend time in Lewes Beach, Delaware with my family and friends.