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Anna Greeley

Office Assistant
I graduated from West Catholic Girls' High School and attended Sacred Heart Business College for a year after that, getting all the basics of business that was available at that time. I have no direct contact with Untourists and have never been on an Untour, but I help my coworkers by updating our mailing list, data entry, packaging catalogs, and filling in wherever I'm needed. I have been at Untours part-time since 2002, and have applied to many, many other places to fill the other part of my time, but at my age, there are no takers except for Untours.

What I like the most about working at Untours is that we are all like one big happy family. Everyone gets along. I have worked places through the years and found some co-workers to be petty and back-stabbing. There is none of that at Untours. Plus, I like what I do and really think the world of Hal Taussig. I love the people I work with.

I did not go to clown college, but at times, I feel like I am a clown. I like to laugh and be happy. I didn't go to culinary school either but I like to bake and have brought many good desserts to the office through the years. I have always baked and carried "goodies" to all my work places; carried them on trolleys and buses both here in Pennsylvania and in California. Some of them got crushed by heavy-set ladies sitting on them, ha, ha! I also bake for my son and my three wonderful grandsons.