UnTours European Vacation Rentals - Dee McConnell
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Dee McConnell

Coordinator - Untours Ventures and Cruises
I've been at Untours for over 20 years, and every day is a little different. In addition to handling rail tickets for the company, I help run our Swiss, London, and Dutch Untours. And I help manage the cruise side of our business. I like the variety in my work. And I like Untours because it's so supportive of its employees. My co-workers are genuinely nice people that I would gravitate to outside of work.

I love our programs in Switzerland! The Heartland and Oberland are so familiar and beautiful. Holland is a lot of fun, and I look forward to exploring London.

I also like locations close to water. My trip to Cuba is something I will remember for a lifetime. It is hard to pick a favorite moment, but seeing the Buena Vista Social Club perform in Havana is high on my list. I'm thrilled we can offer people-to-people trips to Cuba. Vietnam is also high on my list, and managing that Untour with our founder Hal (when it was active) was one of the highlights of my tenure here.