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Sonia Ratcliffe

Specialist - France, Spain & the Americas Untours
Coordinator - The Right Vacation Rental
As the daughter of British parents, I have been travelling overseas since birth. I was actually christened there! During my childhood, we had biannual trips seeing family and friends and discovering what real "chips" are. Although the U.K. is the European country I’ve visited most, my passion lies across the Channel in France.

My first time to the country of wine, cheese, and baguettes was during a family vacation back in 2000. I was instantly hooked on the open-air markets, the grandeur of Versailles, and the beaming sun of Provence. I went on to study the language in college, where I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad twice, once for a summer in Paris and then for a semester in Aix-en-Provence, the capital of the southern France. Both proved to be such incredible experiences, that I couldn’t resist the opportunity to go back from more, so when I graduated, I returned yet again, this time for a year. I spent eight months teaching English in a small town in western France. When my contract ended, I couldn’t bring myself to leave, so I stayed the summer working on a vineyard and au pairing for a family near Geneva. During all of these experiences, I became a travel fanatic, and that is why I am so excited to join the Untours team and enable others to do the same.

What drew me to the company was the idea of a hands-on cultural exchange that promotes global citizenship and understanding, all while being socially and environmentally responsible. I am inspired by the ideals of Hal and Norma and the work of the Untours Foundation.

Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, often taking weekend trips to the great Garden State where I grew up. I love being outside, whether it is hiking, running, swimming, or simply lounging with a good book on a sunny day. One could call me an exercise fanatic, as I can’t seem to live without that daily dose of endorphins. Although I have not yet run an official half marathon, that along with a triathlon are in the cards for the future.