UnTours European Vacation Rentals - Jonathan Coleman
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Jonathan Coleman

Co-CEO - Untours Foundation
I grew up in small-town, middle America, in a family that didn’t travel much. But somehow I have managed to travel the world. I have lived in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, while working in education and youth-focused initiatives.

I got my MBA in International Economic Development and spent years at the helm of ASSETS, an organization that helps launch and grow social enterprises and diversely-owned businesses in Lancaster, PA. Their mission and values mirrors those of the Untours Foundation, helping create jobs, boosting sustainability, and working toward economic inclusion.

I have also run Intentional Tours, along with my wife Kate, as a side hustle for the last four years, leading cultural immersion tours in the Dominican Republic, Kenya, and Cambodia. So I am excited about the business side of Untours as well as the foundation.

When I am not up to my elbows in spreadsheets or on Zoom meetings, I enjoy spending time with my baby daughter. I also like to play soccer when I can. Of course I live for travel and am eager to explore some Untours territory.