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Experiential Travel Programs in Europe

Smart family travel in Greece, Switzerland, London, Barcelona, and Florence

Let the world be your classroom. Take your education on the road and create life-long memories. Learn about history, culture, and the arts from friendly local hosts and experts in Greece, Italy, Switzerland and the UK. These family-focused vacations are based in comfortable private apartments in the heart of local communities. Knowledgeable local hosts help you settle in, explore and provide support.

Enrichment activities are suitable for all ages and can be tailored to suit middle and high school students while captivating parents. And you have plenty of free time to enjoy on your own. We can even arrange for kid-only experiences to let the parents have some time to themselves.

No time to research where to go and what to see? An UnClassroom expert will guide you to organizing a dream vacation.

Experience the freedom of this program by Untours: No groups. No hotels or tour buses. Just a deep sense of place and the warm hospitality of new friends and guides in the places you’ve always wanted to see and share with your family.
  • Book as a family - not as part of a group
  • Choose the activities that appeal to you
  • You choose the date and destination
  • Stay in a comfortable private apartment
  • A local host welcomes and supports you
  • Plan your own time and explore on your own
  • Local transportation and resources included


Share a city you love with your family. World class museums, theater, art, and markets await you, along with beloved landmarks, historical monuments, and big city adventures on the Thames. This is a great first trip abroad for families.


The ancient world comes to life in the archaeological sites, old towns, and museums of this former powerhouse. Connect with Greek history and mythology where it happened. There are plenty of amazing beaches, delicious pastries, and island trips to add to the adventure.


Perfect for the nature lover, Switzerland offers endless hikes, biking trails, and Alpine mountain adventures. Learn about farming traditions, ecology, and Swiss neutrality. Sample the chocolate and cheese. Practice your German or French or Italian. Switzerland speaks all three!


Florence is a living museum, an open-air Renaissance classroom for lessons in Western art, architecture, and history. Explore the legacy of Michelangelo and the Medici, climb Brunelleschi’s dome, and discover Tuscan food traditions. We can help you unlock Italian culture.


Vibrant Barcelona offers something for everyone: art, architecture, top notch cuisine, and lively street life. Meet Picasso, Gaudi, Miro, and learn about Catalan culture. Explore the local food scene, take in the beach, and practice your Spanish.

Your family travel helps support families abroad

Profits from your trip support the Untours Foundation in its efforts to create green jobs, economic investment, and fair trade where they are most needed. By traveling with Untours, you help lift others.

Pre and Post Trip

We will work with your students to get the most from their UnClassroom experience.
  • We can recommend pre-trip reading based on destination and your kids' ages and special interests.
  • Guests can tap Untours experts in the US and on-site in Europe with pre-trip questions.
  • Students can submit their travel essays, photos, and videos for publication on the Untours Blog with bylines and author profiles.
  • Students may submit content to be shared in Untours publications and on its website and social media, with name credits.