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Choose an Untour

Choose from more than 20 exciting locations throughout Europe and the Americas to begin planning an unforgettable experience. And if you have any questions about the regions or properties, don't forget that we are just a phone call away: 1-888-868-6871! One of our travel experts who has visited the area and has seen the accommodations will be happy to help you.

What's Included in an Untour?
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An Untour includes:
  • Two weeks in Untours' personally selected, private accommodations such as a farmhouse, flat, or cottage
  • Optional roundtrip airfare or suggestions for booking your flight.
  • Ground transportation (public transport tickets, rail passes, or car rentals)
  • Transfer assistance upon arrival
  • An orientation session by our superb on-site staff to get you off on the right foot
  • An onsite activity such as a trip to a cheese maker or group dinner
  • All Untours' publications including our own On-Site Guides researched and written by Untours staff
  • Access to on-site English-speaking staff by telephone
  • Vist an Untours page to see what is included for your specific Untour.


Julie Siebel
IT Director
In my limited spare time I write and I cook. Someday I would love to visit Nafplio or Tuscany, or just about anywhere Untours travels, and eat my way across Europe!
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