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The Artists and Flavors of Southern France

Lively Talks on Van Gogh, Cezanne & Matisse in Provence

January 12-14, 2021

The Post-Impressionist painters were inspired by the light and landscape of Provence. Join us for a midweek series of engaging lectures on the ground breaking artists whose work was inspired by Southern France.

Over the course of three days, Provence-based university professor and artist Pamela Morton will take you on a visual journey through this vital time in the history of Western art, in an interactive presentation.

Cezanne, Tuesday

See how Cézanne’s encounter with the clear light of Provence led him to reject the soft textures and amorphous forms of impressionism and reshape the landscape and still life.

Van Gogh, Wednesday

Discover how the southern light and setting redefined Van Gogh's understanding of color and reshaped his palette and painting approach to the world around him.

Matisse, Thursday

Learn how Matisse pushed painting into the modern, with his progressive abstraction and bold color, shaped largely by his setting in Southern France.

Post-Lecture Conversations on Provence Culture

Apres lecture, join our Provence on-site staffer and wine expert Anne Plomb each day for an informal conversation about Provencal food and wine and culture, with time for your questions.
  • Learn about the Epiphany traditions and food in the region
  • Celebrate the Apero, a French happy hour tradition
  • Discover the best regional wines and get answers to all your French wine questions

Attend the lecture series on its own, or enjoy the culture conversation afterwards
These events are intimate and interactive, with small groups and time for conversation!

Please note these are weekday events, hosted live Tuesday-Thursday. All events are held on Zoom. All you need in a computer or tablet, internet, and some curiosity!

See full event details and schedule here!