UnTours European Vacation Rentals - What is an UnTour?
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What is an UnTour?

Trip Planning Support
tap our expertise to save time and money
  • Pretrip Planning Service includes conversations with experts on your destinations.
  • Planning Resources include helpful links, advice and local information.
  • An UnTours Guidebook researched and written by UnTours staff specifically for your UnTours destination.
On-Site Support
to help you enjoy your time abroad
  • Local staff to get you settled in and answer your questions on arrival and throughout your stay.
  • A Full Orientation to your UnTours location by your superb local staff.
  • A Group Experience that gives you insight into the local culture.
Comfortable Homebase
residence in a perfect central location
  • A Private Apartment, cottage or farmhouse, personally inspected by UnTours staff, to live in for a week or more so you can feel completely at home while you're on vacation.
  • Access to local shopping and dining and transportation, and to excellent sightseeing and day trips.
to help you explore the area
  • Local Ground Transfer Assistance* between the airport and your apartment so you can relax on the way.
  • Local Transportation* in the form of a rented car, rail pass or a mass-transit pass, depending on your UnTour, to take you everywhere on your itinerary.
  • Local Guidance like an orientation to city transit, driving directions, or help reading rail schedules.
*Applies to most UnTours. Please inquire for more details.