Amber’s Italy: Venice, Florence, and Rome in photos.

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Italian cities offer something for everyone, and its three best-known cities are each so distinct.

Amber Martin, our Italian Untour Director, has shared a few of her favorite city photos from her recent travels to Italy this past November. Those who follow us on Instagram may have enjoyed her takeover, with photos from all six of our Untours in Italy.

Here we focus on the cities, in anticipation of Amber’s upcoming Zoom presentation on Venice, Florence and Rome on February 16.


La Serenissima, the serene republic, is a wonder! This historic city on water is best seen by neighborhood and best enjoyed in the off hours. That’s why the Venice Untour is so perfect.

Venice Untour

Gondolas of Venice

Venice Untour

A Carnevale mask shop

Venice Untour

Piazza San Marco

Venice Untour

A side canal


The birthplace of the Renaissance demands your time and attention. The Florence Untour is the perfect solution, with apartments so central, you can return home to rest your feet between museums.

Florence Untour

The Duomo in evening light

Florence Untour

Ponte Vecchio by night

Florence Untour

Uffizi Gallery reflections


The Eternal City has so much to see and do. Our Rome Untour lets visitors settle in and explore all of its museums, archeology sites (including the Roman Forum photographed at top), churches, and monuments.

Rome Untour

Centro Storico side street

Rome Untour

Colosseum by night

Rome Untour

Gelato in Piazza Navona

Rome Untour

Pantheon fountain

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You can also check out Amber’s recent post on her first trip to the Amalfi Coast or enjoy more of her photography on Instagram.

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