Andalusia for the first time: Part 3

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Here’s the third installment in an 8-week photoblog by Sonia Ratcliffe about her first trip to Andalusia.

First Cordoba, then Carcabuey…now on to Zuheros!

The main Plaza with the ruins of a Moorish castle behind. Sadly, we missed the opening hours—you have to keep close tabs on them in Southern Spain!

The main Plaza looking inwards onto the church. Zuheros is a small village with under 800 inhabitants.

A picturesque photo from the winding streets of the white-washed village.

Near dusk over the main Plaza. School children were playing soccer while we were there – they seemed quite shocked to hear English spoken!

Our walk back to the car along the edge of the village.

Look out for next Wednesday’s post about my time in Fuente Tojar and Priego de Cordoba!

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