Foundation Fridays: Meet Alix Rabin!

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Alix Rabin has been a part of the Untours family for over two decades now. She and Hal and Norma have a mutual admiration society. Passionate about the environment, Alix was a key player in launching an extensive recycling project in her community. Among many things, we count on Alix for her dry and quick wit!

Here’s more on Alix…………

How did you meet Hal and Norma? I first met Hal and Norma’s daughter Marilee when we were both working at a do-it-yourself and custom picture-framing store in the late 1980’s. Marilee introduced me to her parents thinking that, my mat-cutting skills notwithstanding, I might be a good fit to work in the family travel business, which was at the time known as Idyll Untours, Ltd. As luck would have it, we hit it off right away and although there were no job openings at that time, a year later I was fortunate enough to be hired by Hal into a position that would evolve over time from generalist to program director for Idyll’s fledgling Italian vacation rental program to training new staff.

What drew you to the Untours Foundation board? Hal and Norma.

What is most unique to you about the foundation? Its approach to fostering economic empowerment and development in underserved populations by giving a “hand up” rather than “handouts” to individuals and businesses. Low interest loans rather than grants seemed like a much more strategic way to build self-sufficiency and sustainable enterprises.

Favorite book: Questions about favorites always make me anxious.

Favorite children’s book: The Animal Family by Randall Jarrell.

Childhood ambition: Acting.

Indulgence: Shoes.

Biggest challenge: Procrastination.

First job: Baby-sitting, followed by many waitressing jobs.

Last job: Administrative Principal and Research Analyst at Praxis Consulting Group.

Soundtrack of your life: Eclectic.

Animal friends: Yes. Lily, a corgi-beagle mix and Oscar, the world’s most beautiful cat.

Mission statement: Try to be a good person.

Favorite foods: Concord grapes, Pho, bacon.

Couldn’t live without: Family.

Sweet or salty: Salty (and crunchy).

Pet peeve: Littering.

Most unusual gift given: Soundtrack of my sister’s life for her 50th birthday.

Most unusual gift received: A rain barrel.

Passionate issue: Media Reform.

Proudest accomplishment: Exhibiting and selling my own photography.

Favorite comedian: Tossup between Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Perfect Friday night:  Home on the couch.

Last splurge: An over-priced Phillies visor.

“If our Founding Fathers wanted us to care about the rest of the world, they wouldn’t have declared their independence from it.” Stephen Colbert


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