Provence Untour Report: The Tasteful Travels of the Rivellos

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Untours wine tasting and cooking classes in Provence

Angela and Joe Rivello joined us for two weeks on the Provence Untour this May. They hit it off with our Untours local staff person, Anne, who helped introduce them to the local wine and vineyards of her beloved home turf. Here are some of Angela’s photos and memories.

 Untours wine tasting and cooking classes in Provence

Cheese tasting Saturday morning at Pernes les Fontaines, Provence, our home town for two weeks. We went to the farmers market as much as possible!

Wine touring day in the vineyard with our guide Anne Plumb, who was most knowledgeable about the famous Cote du Rhone wines.

Untours wine tasting and cooking classes in Provence

Cooking Provence style with our host for the day Cornelia and her husband, the Mayor of LaFare and vintner of local wines. Melons, peppers, tomatoes, olives, peaches, fresh fish, all from the market that morning, and of course local wines.

Sipping Chateauneuf du Pape with our Untours guide, the knowledgeable Anne Plomb. (Our Untours host Anne took the picture, but she should have been in it too!)

We could go on and on with pictures but hope you get the picture. We had a divine Provence experience with Untours.

We have been raving to our friends about our Provence time. We especially encourage local restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area and our friends to look for the Provence rose wines. And just today we shared our gazpacho recipe from our cooking lessons in Beaumes de Venise  with friends.  We had the best vacation ever thanks to Untours.
Join us on a Provence Untour, and we can help you arrange vineyard visits, wine tasting, and cooking classes. Or join the Wine and Food Untour in Provence, when we include all of this, plus a tasting tour of Avignon. Bon Appetit!


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