Spanish Wine Recommendations You Can Order for Delivery!

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Spanish wine recommendations

Wine is on the agenda for our upcoming Weekend in Spain event! Our very own wine expert in Spain, Isa Calviche, will walk guests through a primer on Spanish wines, along with some tasting notes as guests sip along.

Here is the list of wines she recommends. We’ve included links to Some may also be available locally. So if you are looking for some good drinking, check out these tasty wines.

White wines with no oak aging

  1. Ostatu Rioja Blanco 2019
  2. Faustino VII Blanco 2018

Rosé with no oak aging

  1. Muga Rioja Rosado 2018
  2. Cune Viña Real Rosado 2018 

Reds with soft aging (under 6 months)

  1. Hermanos Hernaiz El Pedal 2018
  2. Campo Viejo Garnacha 2018

Red Crianza (with 12-month oak aging)

  1. Viña Real Crianza 2016
  2. Cune Crianza 2016

Red Reserva (with over 12-month oak aging)

  1. Campo Viejo Reserva 2015
  2. Era Costana Reserva 2014

We hope to see you at our Weekend in Spain event in December, when you can meet Isa and hear her thoughts and insights on these recommended wines and others. Salud!

Note: Untours receives a small commission for purchases made from using the links on this page.

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