Swiss Design Details: A Quiz for Swiss Alumni

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Alumni of our Swiss Heartland and Swiss Oberland Untours are a savvy bunch, no doubt drawn to the natural beauty and soaring vistas of the magnificent Alps.

But there are other, smaller pleasures to enjoy in central Switzerland. Swiss Untour alumnus and Untours Foundation donor Kemp Plugh captured some of Switzerland’s smaller bits of beauty on a recent trip. Alongside photos of beautiful views, we found some lovely closeups of Swiss art and design that captured our fancy.

Have you spent time in the region? See if you can identify where each of these design details comes from. (Scroll to the bottom for the answers.)

Swiss Untour apartment stay

Photo 1: stained glass

Photo 2: sculpture

Photo 3: stained glass

Photo 4 (plus lead photo at top): doorknobs

Photo 5: mid-century wall decor

The answers are below. How many did you guess?

Enjoy more grand beauty and small-scale visual pleasures on an Untour in Switzerland, in our Swiss Heartland or Oberland Untours.

And if you like Kemp’s photos here, be sure to check out his magnificent photos¬†of Berner Oberland vistas and Alpine peaks in a previous post on the Untours blog.


Photo 1: stained glass – Closeup view of the stained glass windows in the Stadtkirche of Spiez.
Photo 2: sculpture – Sculpture on the grounds of the Hotel Beau Rivage in Interlaken.
Photo 3: stained glass – Stained glass window in the Stadtkirche in Spiez.
Photo 4 (plus lead photo at top): doorknobs – The doorknobs of the auxillary building at the cemetery of the Stadtkirche in Spiez.
Photo 5: mid-century wall decor – Wall decoration on the Migros store in Thun.


  1. 2 Untours to Switzerland and I see we still have much to see that we didn’t! Given our ages (92 & 93) i guess we’ll just have to remember all the wonderful sites and excursions we DID see when there. Every traveler should include Switzerland in their journey so as to not miss some of the worlds most beautiful sites or miss meeting such wonderful people as the Swiss are.

  2. We’re only 90, but your note encourages us to second Swiss tour–probably less hiking than the one 10 years ago. PFN

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