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Robert & Doris Miller, Untourists of the Week

on Tue, 07/30/2013 - 10:42
Untourists Bob and Doris Miller celebrating on a Switzerland Untour

Tell us a little bit about your most recent Untour:

Our most recent (and sadly, last) Untour was to our favorite overseas destination, Switzerland. We have been to Switzerland 12 times, nine of which were Untours. (We didn't know about Untours prior to that.) This occurred in 2007 and was our third visit to Sachseln. We stayed in one of the apartments hosted by Berit and Albert Greutert.

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Harold & Ruthie McLeod: Untourists of the Week

on Tue, 05/07/2013 - 10:52
Here are Ruthie & Harold!

1. Tell us a little bit about your most recent Untour.

Our most recent trip was our 10th Untour. Of these, it was our 8th Untour to Switzerland and our 7th to stay in Meiringen. As usual we did some of our favorite hikes: Grandmother's Walk; Grandfather's Walk; Giessbach Falls to Iseltwald; Brunig Pass to Lungern which ends with lunch at the Bahnhofli Restaurant at the station. One new adventure this year was a postal bus ride from Grindelwald to Schwarzwaldalp to Meiringen on a very wet, snowy day. We were the only passengers on the bus so the driver decided to become our tour guide. He pointed out all the things of special interest on the route and even stopped to let us take pictures. Another highlight was the Champagne Brunch at Planplatten! On the day we arrive in Meiringen, we always have dinner at the Steinbock Restaurant in Brienz ,which is where we first learned about Untours.

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Untourists of the Week: Elsa and Raymond Heald

on Thu, 03/21/2013 - 09:13
Raymond Heald, Untours

1. Tell us a little bit about your most recent Untour.

It was a dream vacation: 8 days on the Variety Voyager, the sleek 73-passenger yacht that put us ashore at the fabled ports of Capri, Lipari, Malta, plus 4 ports in Sicily. Then, a train ride to the sparkling Cinque Terre for 4 nights and a heavenly 2 weeks in the fabulous Bonalumi apartment in Locarno, with a breathtaking view of Lake Maggiore.

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Bruce and Marlene Bauman, Untourists of the Week

on Tue, 02/19/2013 - 10:00
Untours, Untourists

Bruce and Marlene have been travelling with us since 1996: Swiss Heartland six times, Swiss Oberland four times, Tuscany, the Rhine and Provence last year. They are booked to go back to Swiss Heartland and Oberland this year!

When the Baumanns go to Switzerland this year they've chosen the Chalet Selg, in Swiss Oberland, and the perennial favorite, Künzler 2, in Swiss Heartland. Last year in Provence when they travelled with their dear friends, the Nielsens (pictured above) they were in the Bruneau in L'Isle-sur-Sorgue.

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Untourists of the Week: Brian and Jan Cooley

on Mon, 12/17/2012 - 10:48
Switzerland, Untours, Untourists
Brian and Jan, the ultimate pros for the Swiss Heartland, on one of their many train trips throughout Switzerland.  Brian and Jan nearly always stay at the Buetikofer chalet up on the Hasliberg in the village of Reuti on their Swiss Untours.


Tell us a little bit about your most recent Untour.

Our favorite Untour the Swiss Heartland.  We have been on 25 Untours, 23 to Switzerland, and 20 of those in the Hasliberg; 10 each in Hohfluh and Reuti.  We thoroughly enjoy the relaxing pace of an Untour, meeting new people and seeing old friends who come to the Heartland every year or two at the same

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Fran & Francy Douglas: a "Swiss Untour" dynasty

on Mon, 04/30/2012 - 10:44
Swiss Untour
The Douglas Dynasty (l to r., Carey Breon, Francy Douglas-Breon, Fran &  Doug Douglas

In place of our normal Untourist of the week profile, I'd like to introduce you to the heart and soul of the Swiss Untour program.  Francy Douglas (2nd from left, above) has worked here at Untours for 20 years.  She is team leader for the Swiss Untour and, along with a deep love of Switzerland, she bring something else to the job.  More than any other person here, except perhaps for Hal Taussig, Untours founder, she treats customers as if they are family. 

That may have to do with how she was raised, and who

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How Swiss Cheese gets it's taste

on Wed, 04/18/2012 - 09:54
cheese, Swiss, Emmental

First of all, "Swiss Cheese" is not really a kind of cheese in Switzerland.  What the outside world calls Swiss cheese is usually a close relative to what is known, in Switzerland, as Emmentaler cheese.  And it's most distinctive quality is its holes.

So, go on your Swiss Untour prepared with the knowledge that not all Swiss cheese has holes.  If you want 'hole-y' cheese, look for Emmentaler (cheese made in the Emmental valley). How does Emmentaler get its holes?

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Culture Clue: So what's with cheese and Switzerland?

on Wed, 04/11/2012 - 10:22
grandchildren, Switzerland, festival
One definition of culture that I have always liked is:  Culture is groups of people solving problems over time. )  And no where is that more ably illustrated  than the answer to a seemingly simple question:  Why do the Swiss make cheese?

Find more photos like this on Untours Cafe

There are many cultures that have cheesemaking as part of their culture, of course, but few that are more associated with cheese than Switzerland.

Why is that?  The simple answer is....they use what they have.

Unless you count the tourists who come to see its incredible beauty, the Swiss Alps do not have a lot of

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Untourist of the Week: John Meyn

on Tue, 04/10/2012 - 09:02
John Meyn
Attention, wine and hiking aficionados.  John Meyn, our Untourist of the Week, could be  the poster child for the traveling wine and hiking enthusiast.  We were delighted to hear of his adventures especially hiking in the under appreciated and truly spectacular Valais, a part of Switzerland treasured by the Swiss but lesser known internationally.  John's next trip to our Swiss Oberland region will be his sixth!

Tell us a little bit about your most recent Untour.

My most recent Swiss Untour was to Kandersteg, June of 2011.  I've come to love that valley, its people, and the surrounding hills

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Untours Featured Property: Bolli

on Thu, 04/05/2012 - 10:47
Gorgeous view from Untours Bolli apartment in Hünibach, in the Bernese Oberland section of Switzerland

While you may already know that Switzerland is our largest (and the original!) Untour, you may not know that we have three different regions that we serve: Heartland, Oberland and Ticino. And, in each region we have very different types of apartments. In the Oberland, though, we are in love the Bolli apartment.