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mapping out European culture with Untours

Hello independent traveler!

Welcome to The Untourist, the Untours blog. Untours is a travel company that offers unique independent travel experiences (smartly named Untours!) and has been thriving since our founder, Hal Taussig, dreamed up the idea! An Untour lets you live like a local by giving you the freedom to experience your destination on your own time & schedule with support (both before and during your trip) to help you navigate the intricacies of your new, temporary home. Here’s a more thorough explanation of an Untour.

Our blog, The Untourist, aims to share the wealth of knowledge our staff and clients (read: Untourists) with the world in a way that helps you experience your vacation destinations in a new, fun way.

To learn more about our company, here’s a bit of the history of Untours.

Thanks again for checking us out! This is just our first post but there will be more. We promise!

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