What is a B Corp? What Makes Untours One?

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B Corp

Have you seen the B logo? Perhaps on a bag of coffee, a bar of chocolate, or a box of butter?

B Corps are a new breed of business, vetted for their policies and commitment to people, community, and the planet. While lots of companies like to drop the word “green” and brag about the ways they do good, B Corps are actually certified. Companies like ours undergo regular, rigorous auditing and certification to be sure we are making good on those promises.

Here is more on what that B means and why you should look for it in the grocery store, on line, and even when you are planning your travels.

Many B Corps are well known brands like Cabot Creamery, Seventh Generation, Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, Method, and Fetzer. There are plenty of consumer goods, but you can also find travel companies like Untours. We were actually the very first company to ever be certified as a B Corp. Our founder, Hal Taussig, helped inspire the founders of the movement. Read more.

Help us celebrate B Corp month by supporting B Corps like ours! You can read more about B Corp. And by all means, B on the lookout for that telltale B when you are shopping, and feel good about your purchase.

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