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Saudade and Fado: Music for Our Times


October 6, 2020 by Andrea Szyper

Fado has never sounded so good! The plaintive vocals of this most traditional Portuguese music seem perfectly made for our times.

So as we plan our Weekend in Portugal, a virtual trip to Portugal featuring Zoom events, tours and performances meant to offer guests an immersive experience of Portuguese food, wine, and culture, Fado seemed essential.

Meet Maja Milinkovik, an extraordinary talent. Our weekend will include a private concert she performs just for Untourists. Along with her performance, she will explain a bit about the musical genre.

Fado has a rich history. Though some refer to it as the blues music of Portugal, it goes deeper, commingling the seafaring history and losses of past centuries. Saudade is at its core, a unique Portuguese word roughly translated as a deep and sad longing for someone or something lost.

You can read more about Fado here.

We hope you can join us to learn more about Fado, Port, Portuguese architecture, new wines, and cooking. We will see you on Zoom!