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Vacation Rentals and Vacation Packages in the UK

Choose from London or two locations in Scotland. Combine weeks in each.

Central Scotland

Enjoy access to Scotland's best known towns and cities and most magnificent castles.
  • Stirlingshire, with its magestic castle, vibrant anchor city, and charming villages
  • Excellent rail access to all of Central Scotland and its sights
  • Access to the fascinating cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow
  • The nearby beautiful countryside of rivers, lochs, and glens
  • Enjoy one or two weeks in Central Scotland or take an Untour Sampler and combine a week in the Scottish Highlands or London.

Scottish Highlands

Stay in the heart of the scenic Highlands, with its gorgeous countryside scenery.
  • A homebase in central, charming, well-placed Inverness
  • Access to Loch Ness and other scenic lakes, cliffs, and waterfalls
  • The dramatic landscape and rugged beauty of the Isle of Skye
  • Traditional Scottish culture, music, and the nearby Whisky Trail
  • Spend one or two lovely weeks in this fascinating place, or combine a week in Central Scotland and London as an Untour Sampler.


London is one of the world's most fascinating cities, rich in history, culture, and beauty.
  • Historic churches and palaces, and beautiful parks
  • A rich landscape of neighborhood markets, pubs, and restaurants
  • Theater, museum, and food scenes that are the envy of Europe
  • A chance to see London as a local, with the help of a local host
  • Spend one or two weeks in London or opt for an Untours Sampler, a week in London coupled with a week in either Scottish Untour.