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UnTours in Sintra

Get Away and UnPack Once in Sintra

Tucked into the lush forests of the Sintra Mountains, this picturesque town is known for its enchanting palaces, historic gardens, and stunning vistas. Explore the whimsical architecture of Pena Palace, wander through the mystical gardens of Quinta da Regaleira, and marvel at the Moorish Castle perched on a hilltop. Lisbon, Évora and beautiful beach towns are a day trip away.

Enjoy small-town life in a comfortable apartment in central Sintra.

Day trip options include Lisbon, Évora, Cascais, Sesimbra, Óbidos, Caba da Roca, Fátima and Nazaré, Sesimbra, Tomar, the wine regions, natural parks and more.

UnTours in Sintra, Portugal

Choose from 6 properties

What's Included

  • One or two weeks in a private apartment in the city center
  • Suggestions for booking your international flight from the U.S. to Lisbon, or we can purchase tickets on your behalf (See UnTours' air policies)
  • Airport transfer assistance.
  • A local transit pass that also offers free and reduced admission to Sintra and Lisbon attractions.
  • An optional rental car (extra charge).
  • An orientation session with local staff to help you make the most of your time.
  • A cultural event that gives you local insight into the culture.
  • A stash of groceries upon your arrival, so you don’t need to shop right away.
  • Exclusive local information on our UnTours travel app for your mobile phone to have all of our recommendations at your fingertips before and throughout your trip-researched and written by UnTours staff on the ground in Sintra and full of the best restaurants, sightseeing, and other suggestions.
  • Pre-trip planning advice from our staff, available by phone or email right up until you leave.
  • Ongoing support with our local representative. Help available when you need it.

Things to do in Sintra

Day trips: You’ll want to spend plenty of time exploring Lisbon. Beyond find history and natural beauty in places like Évora, Caiscais, Sesimbra, Óbidos, Caba da Roca, Fátima and Nazaré, Sesimbra, Tomar, the wine regions, and much more.

Sightseeing: Explore all that Lisbon has to offer, including its most beautiful gardens and churches, its street life, and inviting neighborhoods like Alfama. Discover nearby Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon and Montserrat right in Sintra, both gorgeous diversions. Beyond Sintra and Lisbon, find history and natural beauty in places like Évora, Caiscais, Sesimbra, Óbidos, Caba da Roca, Fátima and Nazaré, Sesimbra, Tomar, the wine regions, and much more.

Off-the-beaten-track treasures that can’t be beat: Enjoy the coastline of outer Sintra. Spend some time exploring lesser known sites in Lisbon, like the trendy Príncipe Real and LX Factory areas, look for vivid street art, or relax in Jardim do Torel, Lisbon’s lesser known park. Get out of town and tour the Cheleiros and Bucelas wine regions, tasting some of Portugal’s best wines, exploring the vineyards, and talking with winemakers. Explore a convent and castle once controlled by the Knights Templar, and follow the intriguing trail of their history through the beautiful villages of Constância and Tomar. Hike the mountains and savor the views in Arrábida National Park, and visit the surrounding vineyards, some of the best in the region.


Here's what our customers have to say

T.E. and W.E., Newark, DE


We loved the Sintra portion of our UnTour. It was comfortable, easy to navigate, beautiful, and met all expectations.

J. Thompson and D. Belenski, Loveland, CO


We spent 2 weeks in Sintra and were busy everyday. It was pretty easy to make day trips and enough in Sintra to do something different every day. Shopping, transportation, restaurants and major sights are easily accessible. We enjoyed cooking in the apartment after shopping at the Farmer's Market. We were able to interact with locals and didn't have any problems communicating. Having a rental car in Sintra would not be necessary. Public transportation is nearby and basically included. Traffic is awful and parking basically non existent near some apartments.

Dodge Amaral, Untours staff


Sintra is a fascinating town full of historical palaces, colorful castles, and lush gardens. But it is also well placed for visits to Lisbon, which deserves time and energy. With access to the coast and all of central Portugal, this a beautiful site for an UnTour.