Escort and Orientation

Maria, our staff person, will meet you at the arrival gate and lead you and other Untourists to the Hertz auto rental desk where she will assist you in signing your contract. A private driver will then drive you in your rental car to our meeting point just outside of Carcabuey where you’ll meet your landlord and be directed to your vacation rental. The following day, you’ll attend an orientation at the same restaurant/meeting place as the day before. Maria will provide you with information about the area and activities specific to your 2-week stay. She’ll also be available to answer any questions you may have. Soda, water or coffee are served during the meeting followed by an optional lunch, at your own expense.

If you’re unable to arrive in time for our group escort, or are coming from other parts of Europe, you may have to find your own way to your Spanish vacation rental. In this case, we’ll provide you with detailed instructions before you leave home.