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Safe Travels: Lessons From a Road Trip

Dear Friend,

Wow did I need that!

On a 10-day road trip this month, my family and I visited western Pennsylvania and Ohio. Hardly an exotic getaway, but even crossing that state border was a carefully calculated risk. 

As we prepaid for vacation apartment rentals and plotted our highway route, I wondered how secure we might feel on our first COVID-era vacation. Could we relax enough to enjoy our time away, or would we feel skeeved and nervous, pining for our own beds?

I was happy to find that we slid easily into vacation mode. The research and preparation we normally drill into our European adventures helped us to truly appreciate and understand the small towns ringing Lake Erie and the marvels of Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. 

As a worldly soul, I was reminded how much I have missed by not traveling more in my region. 

We chose apartments carefully for cleanliness and locations away from tourist centers. We stayed a little longer in each spot and day tripped, recognizing that each new place was a new potential exposure. We cooked in our kitchen and enjoyed local restaurant take-out on our scenic patio.

It reminded me of the benefits of Untours and made me eager for the opening of borders so I can travel this way again in Europe. But it also made me want to road trip again.

Safe travels,



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