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Dear Andrea,

Does anyone else hate self checkout at the grocery store?

When I am forced to use it, I fumble with bar codes. My canvas bags aggravate the sensor-scale. I can rarely get through a transaction without human intervention.

I’d expect that helper to be a little impatient, but the ones I encounter are normally personable and kind. It would be easy for them to resent their post, but they must be reminded dozens of times an hour that this labor-saving system cannot function without human help.

And so it is in the wider world. As automation handles rote tasks, there will always be a place for people, and there are countless things that humans do better. Travel offers plenty of examples. One or two thoughtful personal tips on a location can save you hours surfing the web, parsing endless info and amateur reviews. Insider info from a trusted human is invaluable to the process.

We’re proud to harbor destination specialists who are accessible by phone to help you save time and money and plan the best experiences possible. In Europe, real people meet you at the airport and get you settled, pointing you in the right direction for your travels. No scanning required.



Don't forget to check out our Wine & Food Untours in Spain, run by lots of nice people.

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You can book it with us! Viking? Ama? Barge and island cruising? We do that. You'll never pay more when you book your cruise with Untours Ventures, plus you get our help.

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