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Change is Good, if a Little Painful

Dear Friend,

There’s a popular meme in social media that goes Maybe 2020 shouldn’t be cancelled after all. Maybe 2020 is the year we have been waiting for. 

Now let’s be clear. No one could have wanted or even imagined a pandemic, and COVID-19 has shaken us to our core — as individuals, communities, and certainly as a business, here at Untours.   

Likewise, no one wished for the murder of George Floyd, but somehow his death at the hands of police galvanized a nation to demand and march for real change. 

After waves of bad news, it is nice to feel the stirrings of hope. As the Confederate flag comes down, many of us have discovered the stars and stripes of the Juneteenth flag. These are symbols, but they speak to a broader awakening, and to deeper forms of personal and systemic re-examination. 

When the earth stood still from COVID, the skies cleared of pollution. Overtourism has faded from concern as we in the travel industry retool for a smarter future. Looking ahead, we feel confident that with some adjustments, Untours will function well, better than other travel models. 

We’re making changes too, in the midterm. As planes are grounded, we are rolling out on-line classes and talks live from Europe. We are working on domestic travel options. We are finding new ways like food deliveries to bridge the distance with Europe until borders reopen. 

Our Untours Foundation continues its work to build a more just economy, supporting Black- and Brown-owned businesses and institutions that work to undo decades of underinvestment in these communities. The foundation aims for long-term change, and recent events have brought new interest in their work. 

The one thing that won’t change in these tumultuous times is our commitment to you and our appreciation for you and the community we have built together. Thank you for your support.  

Keep moving forward,



What changes are you making?


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