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Traveling Well is an Art, Not a Science...


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Many of us are frequent travelers and have the routine down to a science. Our “studies” are the mistakes we have made along the way, and they have shaped our system for planning a trip, packing a suitcase, executing an itinerary. It’s a left-brained thing: logical, sequential, and smart.

And thank goodness for that! Precision prevents us from missing our train or highway exit. Efficiency allows us to see more than one museum or village in a day. Critical thinking helps us decode a foreign culture or at least understand its basic expectations and manners so we can navigate it comfortably.

But travel is an art as well. A creative curiosity and nuanced approach can elevate a smooth trip to a memorable experience. A good traveler engages both halves of the brain.

Intuition’s subtle interplay of choices and latent experience may lead you into the right restaurant or drop you next to an interesting local on a crowded train. A free spirit may instigate a memorable detour or profound conversation. A sensory approach will reveal a place’s unique sounds, smells, and visual details.

Here’s to smart planning and good instincts!


We can help set up your art group in Tuscay, Umbria, Provence, and other favorite spots. Email us for details!


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Lots of options to consider for 2019 or 2020! Time to get planning.

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