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Vote With Your Feet! Plan for a Bright Tomorrow.

Tuscany gathering

Dear Friend,

Travel planning takes a special kind of optimism. It requires the vision to see a brighter future with you in it.

The act of setting plans is a vote of confidence in tomorrow. When the news gets you down, and when even the snowbirds and Floridians among us are under a deep freeze, it’s the choice to get busy making plans!

It’s setting tee times in St. Andrews, Scotland. Or plotting an art museum bucket list that strings Italian cities together. It’s dreaming of pastries and coffee in Vienna’s finest cafes and mapping them. Or imagining Alpine meadows of wildflowers with you hiking through them, then reading up on the specifics.

Put yourself there. Set a plan. Make it happen in 2018.

Here’s to faith in the future, and a new year full of exciting new experiences. Some fodder for your dreams and planning…

Happy New Year!
Andrea Szyper
Communications Director


St. Andrews
Best known as the birthplace of golf, St. Andrews is a scenic Scottish town with history, architecture, charm, and coastal beauty. Pilgrimage there with us.

Tee Time

Vienna's Top 5 Cafes
Join us in pursuit of the grandest backdrops, the strongest coffee, and the origin of Sacher Torte. The cafes of Vienna are the height of civility and the center of community.

Or Coffee
Paris apartment

Swiss Hikes
Like flowers? How about Alpine views, pristine lakes, and grassy meadows? Join us on the trail. Read about a few of our favorite not-too-hard mountain hikes.

Take a Hike

Untour profits support a better future with loans to forward-looking businesses like Senda, making Fair Trade soccer balls. Improving the world's game. Watch the video!

Play Fair
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