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Dear Friend,

One of the best parts of travel, and one of the easiest to overlook, is sharing the experience.

For millennials it may be second nature to blast images of their travels to various social media in real time. Here's my breakfast! Look at this view!

Unless it dips into narcissism, I really enjoy seeing other people's trip photos. I love learning about the places they have been and hearing their stories. It keeps me energized and plugged into the world when I am not traveling myself.

Share your travels! In blogs. In paintings. In posts. In postcards. In stories told over a pot of tea. We all have a favorite media, so use yours. These days it almost feels selfish to keep your experiences to yourself. You can do it soulfully, and without selfies if you wish.

In this issue we feature a post by a European staffer who visited Tuscany and documented his wine tasting with gorgeous photos that make you feel like you are there in the chill of the cantina.

The Oktoberfest feature comes from our summer marketing assistant. I followed her Instagram posts from Germany with pure vicarious joy. She has woven them into a fun piece for our blog.

She's inspired me to share more on my upcoming trip. Next month I'll post daily to Instagram as I travel in Scotland, Provence, Alsace, Germany, and Amsterdam. I will share impressions from the road and the boat, when I join a river cruise on the Rhine.

Happy travels,
Andrea Szyper
Communications Director

PS: If you'd like to share your travel photos or writing for our blog and website, please contact me.


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