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The cozy second-floor Dimitri 1 vacation rental, located in Nafplio’s Old Town, has a balcony overlooking the 16th century Church of St. George. You are within walking distance of Syntagma Square, where locals and tourists mingle and chat over a cup of coffee while the children play on the square. You can easily walk to the waterfront, lined with palm trees, cafés and restaurants. The Dimitri 1 is located in the same building as Dimitri 2 and just across the square from the Poppy apartment.
It is comfortable, with marble and hardwood floors, and can accommodate up to 4 people. There are 2 bedrooms, one with a queen size bed and one with two twin beds. The cozy living room with hardwood floors and a balcony overlooking the lovely St. George Square has a sitting area, TV and radio. This makes it easy to relax after a long day, or perhaps, plan your adventures for the days to come. Off of the living room is a dining table and chairs for four. The kitchen is small, but has everything you need, including a microwave and a washing machine. The bathroom features a bathtub with hand-held shower. For your convenience, there is a mobile phone in the apartment. You will find 2 A/C units, one in the living room and one in one of the bedrooms as well as fans, and radiators for colder times.
The location of the Dimitri 1 apartment is magnificent, with easy access to main roads and only a 3- to 5-minute walk from the main bus station. The apartment does not have an assigned parking spot, but you will be able to find free parking a few blocks away.

Occupancy: This property sleeps 1-4 people. | Disclaimer | Print Page

Property Details


2 bedrooms, one with a queen size bed and one with two twin beds


Bathtub with hand-held shower


Small full kitchen with microwave


Washing machine in apartment


Second floor, no elevator (22 steps)


22 steps


Car program; 3- to 5-minute walk to main bus station


Church bells ring at 7 a.m. Small kitchen.


Wonderful location, balcony, washing machine, mobile phone, Wi-Fi, A/C.
In the same building as Dimitri 2.


Mobile phone, Wi-Fi, TV, radio, fan, washing machine, A/C, microwave

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This property is not currently available.

What's included with the Greece - Nafplio Untour?

  • One or two weeks in a personally selected, private apartment in the historic town of Nafplio.
  • Suggestions for booking your international flight from the U.S. to Athens, or we can purchase tickets on your behalf. (Click for more information on Untours' air policies.)
  • Transfer assistance on arrival from Athens airport to Nafplio.
  • Car rental, with unlimited mileage and basic insurance, for the duration of your Untour.
  • An orientation session by our superb on-site staff with current information on local events, concerts, and festivals.
  • Local information and our own Untouring Greece guidebook, researched and written by Untours staff, full of the best restaurants, sightseeing, and other suggestions.
  • A local cultural event, like a sumptuous Greek dinner with our local staff person.
  • A stash of groceries upon your arrival, so you don’t need to shop right away.
  • Pre-trip planning advice from our staff, available by phone or email right up until you leave.
  • Ongoing support with our local representative. Help available when you need it.

Landlord or Host for Dimitri 1, Nafplio, Greece - Nafplio

You will not find a landlord on-site, but our helpful local Untours representative is only a phone call away.

Nafplio, Greece - Nafplio, Home of Dimitri 1

Nafplio, a seaside town with a population of 12,000, is located only 2 hours south of Athens on the Peloponnesian Peninsula. Many consider it Greece’s prettiest town. Nestled on a quiet bay, Nafplio makes a perfect base for exploring some of the most historic and scenic sections of Greece.

Nafplio itself has many restaurants and cafés, a wide variety of shops, several food stores including a convenient supermarket, an Internet café, and ATMs. It also has a prize-winning museum of Peloponnesian folk art and an archaeological museum. The Palamidi, a huge eighteenth-century fortress built by the Venetians, towers over the town and offers incredible views of the town, bay, and surroundings. Another fortress, a former prison, sits on an island in the bay just a few minutes by boat from Nafplio’s harbor.

Nearby daytrips from Nafplio include ancient ruins at Mycenae, Epidaurus, Tiryns, and Corinth. Longer excursions from Nafplio include Olympia, Mystras, Monemvasia, the island of Hydra, and even Athens.

Making Nafplio your home base creates a wonderful daily dilemma: to relax on a Nafplio beach or in a seaside café or to explore fascinating sites further afield.

Customer comments about Dimitri 1, Nafplio, Greece - Nafplio

"The apartment was well located for walking around Nafplio. Overlooking the church square was especially wonderful due to the Easter weekend activities. We got a kick out of managing life in an older building (e.g., having to turn the water heater on and off so we wouldn't overload the power circuits)." Janet and Thomas Bratton

"Apt. was in a perfect location for strolling and locating yet another taverna for dinner." Susan Bennett

"The apartment was well located for walking around Napflio. Overlooking the church square was especially wonderful due to the Easter weekend activities. We got a kick out of managing life in an older building (e.g., having to turn the water heater on and off so we wouldn't overload the power circuits)." Janet Bratton

"Excellent facility overall....proximity to everything." Richard Franson

"We really enjoyed the apartment and felt it was extremely well situated though noisy...more so because it was Holy Week and the church bells were on overtime! We arrived in Greece early and spent the preceding 5 days in Rhodes where we ate all our meals out. We were so happy to have a chance for 'home cooking'! We shopped at the Wednesday and Saturday markets, bought a Greek cookbook and had fun experimenting… even cooked squid 2 times... The washing machine was great and we found that our clothes dried even if hung outside overnight! When we went on day trips, we felt like we were coming home at the end of day." Betty, David and Peter Gross

"I can't think of a better place to be." Temple Fawech

"Site is central and, because of its proximity to the church, is the center of action. Balcony is great for people watching." - Diana Draheim

"Great location. Good amenities. Comfortable and safe." Dean Schloyer

"Location was perfect, central and we could walk everywhere. Just on the edge of the more touristy area. We were able to cook, sit in the porch and watch the world go by and the air condition worked great." Mark Neuhaus

Ratings for Dimitri 1, Nafplio, Greece - Nafplio

Modern Kitchen (oven, microwave, dishwasher, stovetop, modern ambience)64
Television (none, TV w/o cable, TV w/cable)22
Attractiveness (décor, charm, windowboxes, antiques)64
Bathroom (attractive, functional)42
Furniture Comfort (comfortable chairs, etc.)43
Outdoor amenties: Patio, Balcony, Swimming pool43
Laundry facilities: (yes, limited, no)22
Sleeping facilities comfort54

Apartment Host Experience (positive experience)65
Charm, Flavor, Sense of Place: the apartment and immediate surroundings1313
Charm, Flavor, Sense of Place: the neighborhood (if it is in a city or larger town) or the village (if it is in a country/rural Untour)1313
Distance to Transportation/Major Roads77
Shopping (access to everyday supplies)44
Well-Situated To See The Region or City77

An Explanation of the Ratings:
The first column of figures is the highest score possible in each category. The column on the far right is the score for this particular apartment in this category. For this set of ratings, we have asked every Untour staff person who has seen the apartment to rate the individual features. Many of these staff people have been in a position to hear reports (good and bad) from customers over the years, so they offer a particularly well-informed perspective. Nevertheless, customer ratings will be included in the overall ratings as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that tastes vary. These ratings give an overall sense of how most people feel about a factor; you are in the best position to know if your tastes and requirements are likely to be in the mainstream of opinion or if you have particular needs. If you have any questions about the meaning of any of the factors rated, or about this apartment, please call our office toll-free at 1-999-868-6871. You can nearly always talk directly with someone who has personally seen the accommodation.

This property is not currently available.
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