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Jon Berrocal

Director of Product

I'm an avid traveler from Bilbao, in the Basque Country (Northern part of Spain) that 10 years ago decided to follow my passion for traveling and switched an engineering and online marketing job for a tour leader position in Latin America. Ever since, I got the travel bug and became a wanderlust. I have been lucky to experience firsthand on the field what travel and sustainable tourism really is about and I have been able to be an active part of community based projects in less favored areas. These experiences gave me the chance to realize that there is room for a lot of good to this planet through tourism when doing things the right way.

Nowadays, I'm happy to call UnTours my home and be part of a project that believes in sustainable tourism and slow travel and on top of that, tries this world to be a better place to be throughout helping entrepreneurs around the globe, whose projects are aligned with the ones from UnTours, through the UnTours Foundation.

Jon Berrocal - Director of Product