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Plan a Virtual Event for your group!

We have lots of private event options to suit your family, friends, or team. Here are some of our options. Others are available on request. We can schedule a date and time that suits your needs. All events happen live on Zoom.



Tuscan Cooking with Tracy
$290 for up to 10 persons. $29/additional person.
Lessons last 60-90 minutes and you will end with a feast.
Learn to make gnocchi or pasta from scratch and master some of Tuscany’s most classic dishes. Tracy’s classes include instruction and lively banter for a fun time.

Suggested menus are as follows, but Tracy is open to other requests or combinations:
  • Gnocchi from scratch, plus sauce and bruschetta
  • Cannelloni pasta from scratch stuffed with leeks and ricotta
  • Chicken Marsala, Garlic spinach, Marsala Chocolate Truffles
  • Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Parmesan biscuits, Almond cookies
  • Cotoletta, Panzanella (Tuscan salad), and Tiramisu
  • Spinach/Ricotta Crepes and Bread/Tomato Soup
  • Mushroom Risotto and Panna Cotta
  • Pasta Sauce Workshop - Perfect to fill your freezer
  • Ribollita (soup) and Semifreddo
  • Pumpkin Ravioli with butter & sage, Walnut paté bruschetta, Arugula paté bruschetta


Bake Pastel de Nata
$380 for up to 10 persons. $38/additional person.
Portugal’s iconic sweet custard tart is a flaky, buttery, satisfying confection. Learn to make this delicious dessert.

Cook a 3-Course Portuguese Meal
$480 for up to 10 persons. $48/additional person.
A typical menu includes Bacalhau à Brás, tempura green beans, and Orange Roll, a dessert from the southern region of Algarve.

Art, Architecture & History


Porto Interprets Baroque
$190 for up to 10 persons. $19/additional person.
The late 17th and early 18th century were a time of artistic renewal in Porto. The artisans, the money, and the inspiration all came together to transform the city's religious landscape to an exuberant new style. Learn more about the city and a particular moment in its history.

The Age of Discovery
$290 for up to 10 persons. $29/additional person.
Decades before Columbus set out for the Americas, Prince Henry the Navigator sponsored exploratory and commercial voyages from Portugal, with a mixed legacy of scientific progress, financial success, and brutal exploitation. This vivid presentation brings history to life with images of Lisbon and Sintra.

Wine and Oil


Beyond Port: Tasting our way through Portugal's wine regions
$190 for up to 10 persons. $19/additional person.
Join us for an expert-led talk on the origin of Port, along with a lesson on how to drink and appreciate this special wine. Sessions are BYOB, or we can help you order.


Tasting the Olive Oils of Southern Spain
$360 for 10 persons. $36/additional person
Sample some of Spain’s best olive oils with an expert guide. We will ship the oils to you in advance so that you can taste and discuss them together in the interactive, multi-sensual Spanish experience.



Fado Experience
$145 for up to 10 persons. $14/additional person.
Some people call Fado the blues music of Portugal. Join a leading Fado performer for a private performance and conversation about this passionate vocal tradition and its role in the culture of Portugal.

Multi-Day Experiences

Plan your own Virtual Weekend with friends or family. We can schedule it to suit you, even mid week if you prefer.

A Virtual Weekend In Portugal
$1,490 for up to 10 persons. $149/additional person.
Our robust program includes a Fado performance, cooking and baking options, a lesson in Port wine, flyover tours of Lisbon and Porto, and talks on the country’s history and culture. Inquire for a sample schedule.

Virtual Weekend in Southern Spain
$1,890 for up to 10 persons. $189/additional person.
Our robust program includes an olive oil tasting (with oil included), Flamenco guitar concert, cooking and wine events, and talks on the arts, culture and history of Spain. Inquire for a sample schedule.

Contact us to plan these or other events for your group: bt@untours.com or call 888-868-6871.



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Director - Italy Untours

Ciao, bellissimi! I've been to Italy about 20 times, speak Italian fluently, and I'm often mistaken for a native while I'm there.
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