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Cooking with Tracy: Mushroom Risotto Recipe

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July 20, 2020 by Special Guest

Come to our virtual Tuscany kitchen! Cooking with Tracy is one of our new UnTours at Home virtual experiences! Done live from Tuscany over Zoom, our Tuscany Untour host Tracy is teaching some of the classics.

Here is her recipe for mushroom risotto, part of one of her most popular cooking classes.

gnocchi recipe

Risotto ingredients:

8 ounces carnaroli arborio rice
14 ounces mixed mushrooms, cleaned
Good olive oil
2 ounces butter
2 ounces parmesan cheese
salt and pepper to taste
chopped parsley to taste
white wine
1 liter (approximately 2 pints) vegetable stock
1 clove garlic

Mushroom risotto recipe

To prepare:

Put the vegetable stock in a pan and put on to heat, keep on low.

Top and tail the garlic and cut in half lengthways. Remove the bitter shoot.

Put the oil in a heavy frying pan. Put on the heat and when the oil is hot, crush the garlic into the pan. Don’t let the garlic brown.

Add the washed and chopped mushrooms. Let them cook for 5 minutes. Keep the heat fairly high.

Add the rice and stir, making sure all the rice is coated in the oil in the pan.

Add around half a glass of white wine.

Let all the wine evaporate and then add the stock (about 2 ladles full) and stir. As the stock absorbs, add more hot stock, a ladle full at a time.

Check the cooking time on the rice package and stirring in the hot stock until the rice is cooked, probably about 20 minutes.

Then remove the pot from the heat and let the rice sit for a couple of minutes.

Chop a bit of fresh parsley.

Add the butter to the rice pan and stir until melted. Add a good handful of grated parmesan cheese and stir in well.

Sprinkle with the parsley. Use the rest of the cheese to sprinkle onto the risotto when served.

Enjoy your risotto with a fresh salad and a plass of cold white wine. Be sure to check out Tracy’s upcoming cooking classes on Zoom!=