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9 Ideas to Help You Stay Safe in Your Vacation Apartment

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August 10, 2020 by Andrea Szyper

At UnTours, we have been fans of apartment stays since long before the peer economy opened apartment options all over the US and brought the idea to the mainstream.

As we plan for the future of UnTours when Europe opens its borders to Americans, we look at apartment stays as particularly appealing in the age of COVID, offering guests space from their neighbors, windows that actually open, and settings that are away from tourist crowds.

If you plan any apartment-based travel in this new era, here are some suggestions to keep you safe.


Before you go

Enhanced Cleaning
Look for properties that mention enhanced cleaning. Even if an apartment is listed as such, check in with the owner ahead of your arrival to reconfirm their protocol. If nothing else, it tells them you are watchful and reminds them to be thorough.

Pack These Things

  • Masks
  • Your own pillows and washcloths
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfectant wipes and spray cleaner


On arrival

Masked Meeting
Mask up if your host will meet you in person and insist she or he do the same. Better yet, arrange to be let in without a face-to-face meeting.

Wipe Up
Use a disinfecting wipe to clean all high-contact surfaces: doorknobs, railings, lightswitches, sink and appliance handles, etc. Even if they were cleaned ahead, this adds extra security and catches anything the cleaners may have missed.

Clean Dishes
Rewash dishes before you use them, especially if the apartment does not have a dishwasher that previous guests would have used to sanitize their dishes.

open windows

During your stay

Open Windows
Air your apartment on arrival and once daily throughout your stay, as airflow helps dissipate any contaminants.

Understand how you are to dispose of your trash and recyclables. You may be asked to remove your own trash, to protect your hosts. Be respectful.

Common Space
If you are sharing common sitting areas, pool chairs, or other facilities, be sure to wash your hands before and after using them, and sanitize any high-touch areas.

Keep Vigilant
It is easy to be lulled into a relaxed vacation state, but remember to stick to your normal COVID routines: wash hands, don’t touch your face, and disinfect surfaces regularly!

Happy travels for now. And if you wish to plan an apartment-based vacation with UnTours, we have relaxed our deposit rules to give you new flexibility to change plans later. Take a look, and plan your UnTours apartment vacation now!