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The Brains Behind French (and French Canadian) Untours

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March 1, 2012 by Nickfortunatus

As we March ahead with 2012, I feel it is important to introduce you to the terrific two that make UnTours France and UnTours Quebec City so incroyable and filled with that, how do you say?, je ne sais quoi. Meet Dodge Amaral and Mia Lehmann!

If you’re even entertaining the thought of going to France or Quebec City, it is essential that you talk to these two. They know their stuff, specifically about the UnTours products in those great places but they’ve also been in the travel business for most of their adult lives and could help you with an inordinate amount of more general travel issues as well. If you’ve taken a French or Quebec City Untour with us, you’ve worked with either Dodge and/or Mia and, odds are, you had a trรจs magnifique experience.

Dodge and Mia work hard every day to ensure that your UnTours experience in France and/or Quebec City (why not do both and compare?!) is as unforgettable as it possibly could be. Read more about them (and all of us here at UnTours) on the UnTours staff page!


If you’ve loved working with Mia or Dodge, tell us all about it!