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The Most Unforgettable 7 Minutes in Barcelona

Barcelona Spain Travel Tips

July 24, 2012 by Nickfortunatus

Photo by Jaume Meneses Just to make sure we’re starting off on the right foot here, no, I’m not talking about that old high school party game, 7 Minutes in Heaven. However, the seven minutes I am referring to do have a bit of rarefied air about them. If you’re in Barcelona and are looking…  

Antoni Gaudi: learning to fly, because you can’t afford the shoes

Barcelona Spain

July 9, 2012 by Mtaussig

A diagram of a  hyperboloidal vault, Gaudi’s genius, La Sagrada Familia and other things in Barcelona way over our heads Barcelona is a city unique in all the world for many reasons,  but it owes its celebrated singularity more to one man than any other single factor:  Antoni Gaudi. While originally classed as a Modernist, …