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Elizabeth in Switzerland: Two Weeks Without Luggage

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August 15, 2017 by Elizabethkillough

Ten years ago, our beloved Hal Taussig, my boss at the time, sent me on a Swiss Untour as part of my job. Quite a perk! Hal wanted me to experience his travel company in action, so I could prepare the board of the UnTours Foundation to one day inherit the business.
Elizabeth (right) with UnTours Swiss staffer Jessica Powers.
Just as you might remember a wedding more for a feisty ring bearer than for the lovely service or fun reception, my Untour was most memorable for my suitcase, which never arrived. My lack of suitcase put into action my UnTours’ landlord, Hans Tanner, who was determined to take great care of me. 
Hans with Elizabeth (right) and who’s the Untourist on the left?! (Send us an email!)
The adventure began with Hans supplying me with dress size flannel shirts and size 12 high top sneakers. Hans accurately determined that the sneakers would stay on my feet, if laced tightly enough. And so our many Alpine hikes took place with me in what felt like clown shoes. With Hans leading the way and me in my big shoes, I felt we were Frick and Frack laughing as we went.
This photo does not do justice to the size and length of the high tops! 
I was amazed how I barely missed my earthly possessions that apparently refused to leave Boston Logan International Airport. I had Hans’ complete attention, which was worth far more than all my socks, sweaters, and shampoo loitering in Boston.
Elizabeth wallowing in the affection of Untourists!
I had a few days in my boring, non-clown, travel shoes when I met delightful UnTours staffers and some of you. You all welcomed me so generously to the UnTours fold! 
Elizabeth with UnTours Swiss Ticino staffers Gabi Ferrari and Elisabetta Rainoni 
And of course my Untour was also delightful and easy thanks to the wonderful, on-time, Swiss rail system – and never attempting to drive a car in a new country. The Swiss Travel System is second to none, and I would never be without a Swiss rail pass!
I couldn’t resist this little-engine-that-could, named for Meiringen Station, where it resides and works.
I long to return to Switzerland, but for now I am content to be thankful for all the ways your UnTours travel supports the work of the UnTours Foundation.
Elizabeth Killough is the director of the UnTours Foundation. Read more about Elizabeth and learn more about the UnTours Foundation here.