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Life Hack: 10 Tips to Make Your Life Like a European Vacation

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March 5, 2015 by Andrea Szyper

Stuck at home this summer? Yearning for the rich life of Europe? A little of that joie de vivre you felt last year in Paris or the dolce vita of past vacations in Italy? Upgrade your staycation or day-to-day life with these simple life hacks. 

Shop small. Shop local. Buy fresh bread at the bakery. Visit the little neighborhood hardware store. Go to a local butcher or cheese shop. See if you can avoid malls and big box stores for a whole week.

Crowd source info on your own town. Hit TripAdvisor, UrbanSpoon and all the others. Make a new discovery: a small museum or winery or new restaurant in your own backyard.

Splurge on exotic groceries. Try a little caviar on your bagel. Buy 4 cheeses you’ve never heard of and lay them out with grapes. Spend a little extra at the wine shop. Buy Nutella, just because. 

Take a daytrip. Whether it is a Sunday afternoon or midweek, hop in the car (or onto the train) and get out of dodge. Maybe there is a regional winery you’ve read about, or you are within an hour of the beach or a quaint lakefront. Hit a nearby park for a picnic and hike. 

Dress up for dinner. Heels and make-up. Jacket and tie. Reservations, please. Add an opera or symphony concert.

Visit the local food hall or farmer’s market. Talk to the vedors and ask about their foods. Sample cheese and olive oils. Try to source a week’s groceries without going to the supermarket.

Sit with a coffee and people watch. Order a cappuccino or latte and sit outside. Journal, write postcards or just read a book or magazine. But do NOT check your email.

Dine al fresco. Pack a picnic with sparkling wine. Find a bistro table on a city sidewalk. Or spruce up your own patio with some extra flowers and candles and eat “out.”

Visit the museums in your own backyard. Spend a whole day in a museum you have always enjoyed. Relax in the cafe and browse the gift shop. Take the audio tour.

Take a photo safari. Move around your environment as if you are showing it to a visitor. Look for beautiful details to photograph.

OK, so Europeans shop at supermarkets and big box stores. They are generally too busy to lull around in a cafe. But they are not on vacation. You’re living the life of a European vacation afterall. Warning: This may sate you, or it may whet your appetite for a vacation rental in Europe with UnTours. Either way, enjoy!