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Vacation Apartment Hack: How to Feel at Home in Someone Else’s

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February 23, 2016 by Rachelwortmann

When opting to vacation in an apartment instead of a hotel there are many advantages.

Firstly, it makes it easier to immerse in the culture if you’re not returning to a sea of other tourists every evening, to a large, corporate-feeling hotel. Secondly, nothing can replace the warmth and welcoming environment an apartment can have over a single room with cups covered in plastic bags. Thirdly, you’ll probably get more space for your money since you’re renting a home over one room.

Renting an apartment through UnTours over a hotel is a no-brainer, but how to do make someone else’s home feel like your own? Especially if you’re staying in that apartment for a week or more, it is important to settle in and make it your own. 



Many travellers will quite literally live out of their suitcases during their vacations. On your first day in your foreign home try to put away your suitcase. This means putting your clothes in the dresser or closet and laying out your toiletries in the bathroom. Not rummaging through your a suitcase every day when getting dressed will minimize morning stress and make you feel more at home. 

Comfort Food

An empty refrigerator can be awfully depressing, so head to a local grocery store and stock up on some snacks and basics. I tend to buy some local pastries, milk, tea, and individually-packaged snacks (great while touring about) so that each evening I’m not coming home to an empty fridge. An advantage of UnTours is that they actually have a starter supply of fridge staples waiting for you.
Do you enjoy cooking? Then get cooking! One of the great advantages of apartment rentals is they tend to come with a fully furnished kitchen. Pack an apron.

Pillow Talk

If you have space in your luggage, the simple comfort of bringing your own pillow can make a big difference. A good night sleep is invaluable while traveling, so if you can fit it (try pressing it into a compression bag), bring it! 

Tea Time

Even the simple pleasure of making a cup of tea or coffee can make a space feel (and then smell) like your own. I’m used to my home smelling like coffee in the morning, so when I stay elsewhere making coffee makes the apartment feel like my own. Want to increase the coziness? Throw in some slippers! 

Interested in apartment vacationing with UnTours? Check out all our program offerings here, all of which come with on-site UnTours support!