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What is Floriade 2022? A Green Reason to Visit Holland

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August 19, 2021 by Andrea Szyper

Every ten years the Netherlands hosts a massive exposition on plants and flowers, a nod to its role at the international epicenter of all things green and blooming. Each decade’s show is a big deal, drawing visitors from around the world and appealing to horticultural professionals and the general public in equal measure.

The next Floriade Expo is due to happen in 2022 and will run from April 14 to October 9, drawing thousands from around the globe with its botanical displays. Set in Almere, on the edge of Amsterdam, the theme for this one will be Growing Green Cities.

Organizers are laying out a model green city, looking at ecological innovation for a sustainable future. Read more about it on the Floriade Expo website, or take a peak at what you can expect.

The exhibition grounds are within easy day trip reach of Leiden, home base of the Dutch Untour. We have added beautiful new apartments in the Netherlands and hope our Untourists will enjoy this once a decade opportunity to experience the Floriade.