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Andrés Jimenez

Program Director

As one of the newer members of the UnTours family, my personal journey has often been unpredictable and unexpected. I have an academic background in international relations, peace and conflict studies, and languages. However, time and time again, I have kept coming back to the world of travel.

I was born in Costa Rica, and I like to think that when you come from a small country one often tends to have a pressing desire for exploring what is beyond the horizon. I started traveling young, and since then travel has been a part of my life.

Over the years, I’ve picked up some very peculiar habits when I travel. I don't leave home without a pair of chopsticks and a bag of Costa Rican coffee. I always try to include a rail trip in the itinerary regardless of how unnecessary it is, and I still carry my trusty foldable bike wherever I go.

Surprisingly, perhaps the most special habit that I have managed to pick up is my love for slow travel. I have found the joy in simply slowing down, spending more time in a destination, and being more open to random and unplanned experiences. Some of my fondest memories have taken place speaking German in the suburbs of Hamburg, riding my bike in the alleys of Utrecht's Old Town, and looking after a cat in a remote town in the Austrian Alps.

I see slow travel as an exciting alternative that can counter so many of the more negative habits and trends that continue to be present in tourism. This is a powerful concept that makes working for UnTours a highly rewarding experience. What a privilege it has been to work for a company with such loyal customers and such a consistency betweens its values and the work that we do.

My superpower has always been my patience. A skill that comes very handy when traveling. I also know that others see me as friendly and curious, so if we ever run into each other don’t hesitate to say “Hello!”.