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At UnTours we are big boosters of thoughtful, responsible, and sustainable travel. We love the lessons Europe has to teach us about environmental conservation and stewardship. We have learned a lot over our decades of European travel and progressive business. Here are some eco travel tips for travel in Europe, the UnTours guide to green travel.

Green Planning

  • Choose tour operators and hotels that have responsible environmental business practices.
  • Use e tickets and PDFs for as many of your trip documents as possible.
  • Favor local guides and independent tour groups over big operations.
  • Plan your trip with as few flight transfers as possible.
  • If you have the option of hopper flights and rail transfers, choose rail.
  • If you book a rental car, choose the smallest, most fuel-efficient model possible.
  • Blend in when you travel. Choose small-group tours when possible.
  • Stay in an apartment.

Before You Leave Home

  • Turn off all lights. If you must use some lights for pets or security, set timers.
  • Unplug any electronics that use phantom power, like TVs and stereos that use remote controls.
  • Turn heat or air conditioning off or to the lowest possible setting.
  • Buy carbon offsets for your trip.

Stay Green on Your Trip

  • Pack light. If possible, travel carry-on only.
  • In your sightseeing, travel by foot or bike whenever possible.
  • When hiking and visiting natural and archeological areas, stay on marked trails.
  • Use rail and mass transit for sightseeing when it is available.
  • When staying in a hotel, reuse towels multiple times to save laundry.
  • Spend your money in smaller, locally owned shops rather than chains.
  • Eat local, patronizing small, independent restaurants and farmers’ markets.
  • Pack and use a reusable water bottle.
  • Pack a small foldable tote bag in your day bag to carry any purchases you might make.
  • Seek out recycling bins when you are on the go; make an extra effort to find bins by asking a local.
  • If you are shopping for souvenirs and gifts, look for handmade things that you can buy from their maker, local goods, and fair trade chocolate.

Green Your Vacation Apartment Stay

  • Turn off air conditioning or heat when you leave your vacation rental apartment for the day.
  • Line dry your clothing as the locals do in Europe.
  • Close shutters in summer to keep your apartment cooler.
  • Understand and follow local guidelines for residential recycling and sort your recycling accordingly.
  • Bring your own bags to market.
  • If you are staying in the countryside, ask about composting.
  • Don’t leave phone and tablet chargers plugged in when you are not actively charging your devices; they use electricity. (This is an important tip for home too!)
  • If you need extra light at night, buy a night light to use rather than leaving on an overhead light all night.


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